Sealed 15+ Year Old Apple Products are Valuable


The most expensive sale of an original iPhone model from 2007 has just taken place, with the device selling for over $63,000. LCG Auctions hosted the auction, which began on February 2 and ended on February 19, and after receiving 27 bids, the iPhone was sold for a whopping $63,356.40. This amount is more than 105 times the device’s original retail price of $599.

The original owner of the iPhone received the device as a gift from her friends in 2007 but never used it since iPhones at the time could only be used on AT&T’s network. Consequently, she left the phone unopened for 15 years. The auction listing described the item as a “highly desirable factory-sealed first-generation original Apple iPhone from 2007,” and touted its status as “one of the most important and ubiquitous inventions of our lifetime.”

Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone on January 9, 2007, at MacWorld San Francisco. Just over five months later, it was released at retail for $499/$599 on June 29th. The original iPhone came with 4/8 GB of storage, an innovative touchscreen, a 2-megapixel camera, and a web browser. The device’s iconic box featured a life-size image of the iPhone with 12 icons on the screen. The original iPhone was Apple’s most successful product, forever changing the smartphone industry and earning the title of the Time Magazine Invention of the Year in 2007.

The original first-release iPhone in factory-sealed condition is widely considered a blue-chip asset among high-end collectors. The public sales of a similar original iPhone in August and October of last year, for $35,414 and $39,339, respectively, garnered significant media attention from major outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Fox Business. Despite these impressive sales numbers, many believe that the market for culturally relevant collectibles is still in its infancy.

This specific iPhone was consigned by the original owner, Karen Green, and is in outstanding condition. Almost 16 years old, the phone showcases sharp corners front and back, rich color, and “case fresh” features. The labels on the reverse are pristine beneath the seal, and shelf wear is minimal. This is the first original iPhone in acceptable condition to hit the auction block since the record-breaking sale in October, making it a truly remarkable piece with great appeal to both collectors and investors.

The $63,356.40 selling price of the latest listing is a new record high for a sealed iPhone at auction, surpassing the highest ever sums paid for a similar original iPhone in August and October of last year.

It’s worth noting that the high value of sealed original Apple products is not limited to iPhones, as other Apple products like the iBook G3 have also been known to fetch high prices. In December 2021, YouTuber MKBHD opened a factory-sealed iBook G3, which had been sitting in storage for over two decades. The video, which went viral, showcased the original accessories and packaging, as well as the pristine condition of the laptop itself. The iBook G3 was sold on eBay for a whopping $11,000, which speaks to the value of sealed vintage Apple products.

There are several reasons why sealed Apple products are so valuable. For one, they represent a moment in history and provide a glimpse into the design and technology of the time. They are also a testament to Apple’s innovation and the enduring popularity of their products. In addition, sealed vintage Apple products are rare, as most people would have used and eventually disposed of their devices. Finally, the sealed packaging itself is often a work of art, with Apple known for its minimalist and elegant design aesthetic. All these factors make sealed Apple products highly sought after by collectors and investors alike.

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