Top rankings of the most popular iPhone apps, listed in the US App Store. Please note that the apps listed below may not be the current top 50 iPhone apps, as the rankings are subject to change. However, these apps have consistently performed well on the App Store and are popular among users.

  1. TikTok – A short-form video creation and sharing platform that lets users create, watch, and engage with entertaining videos.
  2. YouTube – A video-sharing platform where users can watch, upload, and share videos from various genres.
  3. Instagram – A photo and video sharing platform that enables users to apply filters, share content, and interact with others through likes and comments.
  4. WhatsApp Messenger – A free messaging and calling app that uses your phone’s internet connection for communication with friends and family.
  5. Facebook – The popular social networking app that allows users to connect with friends, share updates, and discover content based on their interests.
  6. Snapchat – A multimedia messaging app featuring disappearing messages, filters, and lenses for creative communication.
  7. Messenger – Facebook’s messaging app for chatting, making voice and video calls, and sharing multimedia content with friends.
  8. Gmail – Google’s email app that offers a clean and intuitive interface, along with powerful search and organization features.
  9. Zoom – A video conferencing app that enables users to participate in online meetings, webinars, and video calls with ease.
  10. Google Maps – A comprehensive mapping app that provides directions, traffic updates, and information about nearby places of interest.
  11. Spotify – A music streaming app that offers access to millions of songs, playlists, and podcasts from around the world.
  12. Netflix – A popular video streaming service that offers a vast library of movies, TV shows, and documentaries.
  13. Pinterest – A visual discovery platform that lets users save and share inspiring images, ideas, and content.
  14. Twitter – A microblogging and social networking app that allows users to share and discover content in real-time through short messages