The Skylight Forecast App Predicts Perfect Sunsets


Have you ever marveled at a radiant sunset and wished you knew when these mesmerizing moments would occur? Skylight is the answer to your dreams. Crafted by Lux, the passionate team that brought us the Apple Design Award-winning Halide Camera and the 2019 iPhone App of the Year, Spectre, Skylight is a unique application that brings a sprinkle of enchantment into our everyday lives.


At the heart of Skylight is a powerful prediction algorithm that employs a host of weather and environmental data, coupled with advanced machine learning, to deliver surprisingly accurate forecasts about the quality of the evening light in your locale. This is not merely about knowing when the golden hour or sunset will occur – it’s about understanding whether the imminent sunset will produce a breathtaking spectacle of vibrant colors or settle with a quiet, cloud-laden glow on the horizon.

Skylight for iPhone paints a more holistic and precise picture compared to conventional weather apps. Where most provide only cloud cover or visibility forecasts, Skylight dives deep into the nuances of light, giving you an edge whether you’re an avid photographer aiming for that perfect shot or a sunset enthusiast seeking the next awe-inspiring display.

The app’s aesthetic aligns harmoniously with its functionality. Lux has a knack for developing visually stunning products, and Skylight is no exception. The design is thoughtful and attractive, with colors and iconography that shift with the quality of light, enhancing the user experience through a remarkable attention to detail.

Skylight is also equipped with delightful widgets that you can add to your home screen.


In a nutshell, Skylight Forecast, albeit a subscription-based service, is a worthwhile investment for anyone yearning to harness the full potential of natural light. This beautifully crafted app takes the guesswork out of predicting light conditions. So, when you’re chasing that perfect light, let Skylight guide the way. You can download the iPhone app here.

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