App Marketplace

The App Marketplace is a platform where investors and developers can buy or sell apps and the underlying tech stack that powers them. This marketplace provides a place to engage in transactions related to apps.


If you have an idea for an app and know how to make it successful, buying an existing app can save you time and resources. Someone may have already created a foundation for your app and is looking to sell it. With many apps available on the App Marketplace, you may find one that has come close to success and only requires a new home for becoming a success.


On the other hand, if you have a great app but do not have enough time to promote and support it, the App Marketplace is an ideal platform to find a new owner for your app. By listing your app on the marketplace, you can easily find someone who is willing to take it over and continue its growth.

Furthermore, if you have a technology-savvy app that can serve as the base for multiple other great apps, you can list your engine for sale on the App Marketplace. This way, you can earn money by selling the technology to other developers who can use it to create new and innovative apps.

Inquire about the available list of apps for sale, or list your app for sale here.