Apple’s WWDC 2023 is Expected to Feature New Hardware


As we approach Apple’s WWDC 2023, the tech world buzzes with anticipation for significant software updates, such as iOS 17 and watchOS 10. However, it seems that this year’s event will also take a big leap into hardware innovation, featuring debutants like Apple’s mixed reality headset and updated Macs.


Apple Reality Pro

The most thrilling revelation is expected to be Apple’s mixed reality headset, dubbed the ‘Apple Reality Pro.’ Despite WWDC’s traditional software-centric focus, it appears Apple plans to defy the trend this year, injecting a heavy dose of hardware into the mix. Priced around $3,000, the Reality Pro boasts top-tier specs, including an inventive three-display setup with dual 4K Micro-LED panels. This gadget is purportedly capable of toggling between AR and VR modes seamlessly, a core component of the future xrOS software. Equipped with the M2 chip, 12 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD storage, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5.3, the headset promises an immersive experience like no other.

Mac Studio

Apple’s Mac Studio is also rumoured to receive an upgrade. A year after its introduction, the power-packed Mac Studio might see the advent of the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. Two new models, internally coded as “Mac 14,13” and “Mac 14,14,” are undergoing testing, as per reports. One model is set to house the M2 Max chip, paralleling the top-tier MacBook Pro versions, while the other will feature the yet-to-be-announced M2 Ultra chip, potentially doubling the specifications of the M2 Max. Given recent signals from Apple’s retail, a Mac Studio hardware refresh seems imminent at the event.

15-Inch MacBook Air

The long-rumored 15-inch MacBook Air might finally make its debut at WWDC 2023. Maintaining the design aesthetics of the current MacBook Air, this new model would reportedly be powered by the M2 chip, only distinguished by a larger display. Apple’s efforts on developing new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models with the M3 chip are also underway, though these are not expected until later in the year.

Mac Pro

A considerable mystery surrounds the Mac Pro. With Apple persistently hinting at an Apple Silicon Mac Pro, speculations have been high. Yet, the uncertainty around its release prevails. Current gossip suggests an aborted M2 Extreme chip plan due to its intricacies and expenses. Instead, Apple might opt for the M2 Max chip, similar to the current MacBook Pro for the Mac Pro. Unfortunately, an unveiling at the WWDC 2023 seems unlikely.

In summary, WWDC 2023 appears primed to host a thrilling hardware expedition. From the first-of-its-kind mixed reality headset to updated Macs, this year’s event could mark a substantial shift in Apple’s WWDC tradition. Keep an eye out; Apple’s hardware journey for 2023 is about to unfold.

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