Frequent Flyers Need the Flightly App


Flighty is an advanced flight tracking app designed to give you the best flight experience by keeping you informed throughout your journey. If you are a frequent flyer or you travel occasionally, you will appreciate how Flighty simplifies your trip.

The app’s key feature is its notification system, which is unmatched compared to other similar apps. Unlike TripIt Pro, Flighty provides more information, and it does not use email notifications, which can quickly get lost among other emails. Flighty sends traditional iPhone notifications and the new Live Activities notifications on the iPhone. These notifications offer detailed information about your flight, including flight schedules, real-time flight updates, flight information for the past 25 hours, and weather forecasts.


Getting data into Flighty is easy as the app works with TripIt. If you are already using TripIt, you can configure Flighty to import your travel information automatically. Flighty focuses solely on your flights, so it does not track hotels, restaurants, car rentals, or meetings. This feature ensures that the app is dedicated to providing you with the best flight experience.

Once Flighty knows about your flights, you can view your upcoming flights and get historical data for flights you have already taken. You can view your data in list form or passport mode, which shows you how many miles you have traveled in your flying career.

The award-winning (Apple Editor’s Choice) Flighty iPhone app provides a wealth of detail about your flight, including flight number, gate, schedule, and actual times. You also get detailed information about the plane, a detailed timeline of your flight, travel history on the same plane, and weather forecasts. The app provides more detailed information than TripIt Pro, although both apps give you the most important information.

Flighty’s Pro version costs $50 a year, or you can subscribe for $5.99 a month through an in-app purchase. You can also opt for the $90 Flighty Pro annual plan, which is ideal for families.


During my recent trips to and from New York for the holidays, I used both Flighty and TripIt Pro. I did not experience any flight cancellations or delays, but I found Flighty to be better at handling travel disruptions than TripIt Pro. The app’s improved notification features make it more useful on your lock screen or in the Dynamic Island at the top of the iPhone 14 Pro screen.

In conclusion, if you are a frequent flyer, Flighty is an excellent app to have. Its notification system, real-time flight updates, and detailed flight information make it stand out from the competition. Although it is more expensive than other flight tracking apps, Flighty is worth the investment as it simplifies your trip and ensures that you have a pleasant travel experience.

Download the Flightly app here for free, or follow them on Twitter.

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