Earn Bitcoin Rewards On Your iPhone With sMiles


Are you a Bitcoin enthusiast looking to level up your rewards game? Then brace yourselves for a game-changing rewards experience with sMiles, the Bitcoin rewards app that harnesses the power of the Lightning Network!


With the sMiles iPhone app, earning Bitcoin has never been easier, faster, or more fun. Whether you’re a seasoned Bitcoin investor or just venturing into the world of Lightning, sMiles is here to transform your iPhone into a rewarding Bitcoin-generating powerhouse.


Earn #Bitcoin rewards for everything with our sMiles app 🔥

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How can you earn Bitcoin?

Earning Bitcoin rewards with sMiles for iPhone is as simple as doing your everyday activities.

  1. Walking (1,000 steps or more)
  2. Playing mini games (Chess, Satoshi’s Wheel, Fort Nakamoto)
  3. Shopping at many stores, including Ebay, Walmart, Wish.com, and others
  4. Completing Surveys

sMiles is designed with both user experience and performance in mind. With a sleek and intuitive interface, it’s easy to navigate, making Bitcoin rewards accessible to users of all levels. The app’s seamless integration with the Lightning Network ensures lightning-fast transactions, minimal fees, and unmatched scalability. Many companies build on the Lightning Network.

A slick web version is also available at app.smilesbitcoin.com – just scan the QR code with the sMiles app to log in. Currently, the web version only supports shopping and Bitcoin-rewarded surveys. Soon there will also be a feature for buying gift cards with Bitcoin rewards.

Grow your Bitcoin stash with sMiles one satoshi at a time. You can download sMiles for your iPhone here for free, to start earning Bitcoin.

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