Discover the Ultimate Pet Care Experience with Petcube for iPhone


Are you a pet parent seeking an innovative way to monitor, engage with, and care for your furry friend? Look no further! Petcube for iPhone is the secure, smart, and fun pet camera and online vet help app that connects thousands of pets, pet parents, and vets all in one place.


Petcube is designed to keep your pet healthy, both physically and mentally. Say goodbye to pet separation anxiety, monitor your pet live through a pet cam right from your iPhone, and receive timely smart alerts on barking and unusual behavior. With a two-way microphone, you can communicate with your pet, while the Care plan allows you to auto-record videos of precious moments.

Curious about your pet’s nighttime activities? Petcube’s night vision feature allows you to discover the secrets of the night and keep an eye on your pet, even in the dark. You’ll never miss a moment of your pet’s adventures.

Unlock even more fun with some of the advanced Petcube cameras, which enable you to play with your pet using a laser toy or fling treats at any time! Order your Petcube cam on the pet-friendly website,, and revolutionize the way you interact with your pet.


With Petcube for iPhone, you’ll have instant access to 24/7 licensed vets through the app, providing unlimited chats, follow-ups, personalized care, and health tips. There’s no need for a vet appointment or a separate pet camera – now you have total control and can talk to a vet whenever it suits your schedule.


Protect your pet and your finances with Petcube’s $3,000 emergency coverage for life-threatening situations. This coverage is available for one of your six pets once a year, ensuring you’re prepared for any unpredictable scenario your pet might face. You’ll never have to weigh your pet’s vet bill coverage against your budget options again.

By joining the Petcube community, you’ll connect with fellow pet lovers who share your passion for providing the best possible care for their furry friends. Experience the joy of being part of a network that understands the importance of nurturing and maintaining the well-being of pets.

Don’t wait any longer to enhance your pet care experience. Download Petcube for iPhone today and discover the ultimate way to monitor, engage with, and care for your beloved pet, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Welcome to the future of pet care and community, brought to you by Petcube!

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