Airbnb’s Latest Update is Huge

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Airbnb has recently launched a new iPhone app that boasts over 50 new features. The update includes the introduction of Airbnb Rooms, which allows users to stay with a local host and get to know them before booking. Host Passports have been introduced which include information about the host such as their job, languages spoken, and reviews from previous guests.

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The app also includes a new category of over a million private bedrooms with access to shared spaces in the homes of local hosts. The filters have been redesigned to show the average price of each category, making it easier for users to compare and find the perfect room for their needs. Additionally, users can now learn more about the privacy features of the room, such as whether the bathroom is shared, attached, or private, who else may be in the home during their stay, and if the bedroom door locks.

Other updates include faster maps and smarter search autocomplete, allowing users to easily find what they are looking for. The redesigned wishlist interface uses larger images, an updated calendar view, and the ability to add personal notes. Klarna has been added as a payment partner, allowing users to pay in four interest-free payments (US and Canada) or monthly for stays over $500 (US only).

Airbnb has also made updates to make hosting easier. Hosts can now see their total nightly price across the app, swipe to select a date range in the calendar, and create checkout instructions faster by selecting from a pre-set list of items. Hosts can view all Co-Hosts and manage their permissions and payouts with the new Co-Host tab.

Overall, the new Airbnb iPhone app offers a more personalized and streamlined experience for both users and hosts. With the introduction of Airbnb Rooms, users can now experience a city like a local, while the redesigned filters and wishlists make it easier for users to find and save their perfect room. The updates to the payment system and hosting tools make it more efficient for hosts to manage their listings. With over 50 new features, the new Airbnb iPhone app is definitely worth a try for anyone planning their next vacation or looking to host travelers.

You can read more about their latest update here.

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